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Do you ever feel alone in your story? Maybe even ask yourself, can anyone relate to what I am going through? Do you wish you had a community to walk alongside of you in your journey with Jesus? Well, friend, I don’t want you to feel alone in your journey for one more moment, so take this as your personal invite from me to you to join the best community around! 

Come as you are. Know that you are welcome to the conversation and that there is ALWAYS a seat for you at this table.

Can I Call it Like it is??

This life can be hard, and I mean really hard!!  But, what I found in my own story is that I am not alone in my journey, and you know what, YOU aren’t either! We weren’t designed to navigate this life alone; in fact, quite the opposite, we were meant to walk through this life together with Jesus. So, no matter what your story is, know that YOU are welcome in this place, and together let’s jump in with both feet into the adventure God has for us!

Each week I invite a girlfriend on the podcast to share not only the story that God is writing for her but the story God is redeeming in her life. I cannot wait for you to meet each of these amazing women who I know will inspire you to also live out the story God is calling you to and give you hope that He will be faithful to redeem your story as well.
We’re all here to be your “Thelma and Louise” on your journey, your “Partner in Crime” prayer warrior and a cheerleader to champion you into the story that God has for you!

We’re also here to equip you with as much wisdom and encouragement as possible to help you soar in your season!

We know that it won’t be a comfortable journey, but we were never called to live a life of comfort ( I truly think that kind of life would be boring, anyway ?).

Will we be stretched? Most Definitely! Will we grow more in love with Jesus? Without a doubt! Will God dream a greater story than we could ever write for ourselves AND make it all happen? Absolutely!

That’s what the Bringing Her Hope Podcast is here for!



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    The Bringing Her Hope podcast is the perfect dose of hope and inspiration that all of us need. The platform Bethany Bravery so beautiful offers is  a place where women can be open, honest and raw in sharing their journeys is unlike any other. Listeners feel like they are a part of a conversation between friends that allows for the vulnerability and breakthroughs to happen!


I believe Bethany has the gift of inspiring her audience to feel that they are, seen, heard, known, and loved by God. The Bringing her Hope podcast is a powerful tool being used to help others by sharing the words of their testimony and their faith in Jesus. ??


The Bringing Her Hope podcast blesses me every time I listen. I leave encouraged, challenged, educated, and inspired to seek the Lord more in my life. Bethany leads the conversations so naturally. She brings to the podcast an inviting warmth and a depth of Godly insights that truly speak to me. 


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Let’s Be Friends!

Hey friend! I’m Bethany Bravery, and my deep passion is to encourage women to be all that God has created and called them to be! I want them to know that while this journey can be difficult, they are not alone in their stories. I want to point them to Jesus and the redemption that He offers! 

I want to speak the truth over their lives about who God is and who He says that they are!

Because once we realize who we are in Christ, it’s a game-changer!

Something electric happens within us when we start operating in the confidence of who God says we are. We stop looking to the right or to the left to compare our stories with others’ highlight reels, and instead, we begin to soar in freedom, knowing that who we are is exactly who God created us to be! 

Can you dream with me for a moment and imagine women from all walks of life desperately dependant upon Jesus and using every ounce of their giftings entirely uninhibited? Can you picture women cheering other women on as they take one brave step after another into the story that God has called them to? Can you begin to fathom how deep, far, and wide the Lord can take a woman with a willing heart?

More than anything…  I want that to be your story but, maybe you aren’t sure how to make it happen? That’s what The Bringing Her Hope podcast is here for.

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