Meet Your Host.

So grateful to meet you! I’m Bethany Bravery, and my deep passion is to encourage women to be all that God has created and called them to be! I want them to know that while this journey can be difficult, they are not alone in their stories. I want to point them to Jesus and the redemption that He offers!

Now a little bit about my story…

I cannot ask you to share your story with me unless I first share my story with you. I truly believe that transparency and vulnerability are the building blocks to a true friendship.

The greatest friendships are the ones where we do not have to show up perfectly polished, but we can just “be”. Sometimes that may be laughing until our stomachs hurt, turning the music up way too loud to embrace a spontaneous dance party, and other times it is showing up for each other in sweatpants with no make-up on to be able to cry together over trials and tragedies that we experience in this life.

And that is the type of friend I want to be to you…

My story is not filled with those sweet white picket fences or tied in a pretty bow. I have journeyed with the Lord through 2 devastating rip- your- heart- out kind of divorces, being the mom to a special need’s child, and navigating the death of my children’s father.

Honestly, it has been a difficult road and at times I did not really know if I could keep showing up to all God have given me to care for, but what has been evident throughout my entire life is how incredibly faithful Jesus is.

He is why I am still standing today. He is how I can single parent not perfectly but show up as best as I can day in day out. He is why I get up every day and say “yes” to the adventure He calls me to.

I have seen Him take my broken story and redeem it, not because of anything I have done, but just because that’s who He is and what He does best.

The truth is I don’t want to have gone through any of the painful experiences that I have unless… God would use it.

So, here is my biggest “heart why” for the Bringing Her Hope Podcast, friend I want you to know that you are NOT alone. I want you to be reminded with each podcast episode that God is and will be faithful in your story. I want you to also know that He has the most AMAZING plan for your life, and it is not too late to step into the story He has for you.

Hear me also say that, no one can live out the story that He has for you, except YOU. So together let’s show up each and every day with willing hearts and watch God do a mighty work in and through us!


Favorite Activities: Rafting on the River, Rollerblading, and Dancing!

Enneagram: 3w2

Perfect Evening: All dressed up and dancing the night away!

Favorite books:  The Bible, Love Does, Uninvited, The Magnolia Story

Current Hobby: Interior Design- I love creating intentional beautiful places for my family and tapping into my inner Joanna Gaines!

What you may not know about me: I truly believe you can never be too dressed up!

Fun Fact: My goal is to make EVERTHING an adventure, even the most mundane tasks it makes life much more fun that way!