Hey lovely one,
Are you like me and you have been longing to know EXACTLY what you were placed on this earth to do? Do you read every blog article or listen to every podcast that has the topic with phrases like “Find your calling?” or “How to know the purpose that God has for you?”
I actually love the topic of calling and purpose, but sometimes I can get so hyper-focused on what the “definition” of that is for me specifically in my story, that I can miss out on how I am being called today or right now.
Now hear me out, God has called all of us, and we all have beautiful specific gifts that He will absolutely use in so many unique ways, but the main part of mine and your calling is to “love.” Now that may not feel near as exciting as a “specific calling”, but let me tell you, friend, that if I were to love the person in front of me, love my family, my neighbor, my co-worker, and yes friends, even my enemies; it would be doing exactly what Jesus asked us to do.
So what if we didn’t stop seeking God for our calling or purpose, but while we were doing that we just began right where we are at and loved the next person in front of us.
Keep living brave stories for Jesus,
Bethany Bravery