Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

with Camille Ogden – Season 5, Episode 5

Camille Ogden is a writer, wife, and working-mama. Her passion for education and Jesus led her to a career at Bushnell University in Oregon. A talent with true and tender stories, Camille is also a poet, columnist, blogger, and the founder of a boutique creative agency, Camille Creative Co., offering professional writing services for business and life. A country girl–she and her family live in the Coburg Hills on a small homestead in the woods.

Tired of going through the motions, Camille’s story of redemption is about embracing the royal and beloved daughter she is meant to be. Moments of clarity have pulled her back onto the path God has placed before her and taken her to unexpected places. In this podcast, Camille shares these times and her daily struggle to stay on course as she wrestles with God and her own will

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