Hey Lovely,

While preparing for the Bringing Her Hope podcast launch, I have been given the opportunity to interview countless women as they share the story of God’s restoration in their lives.

One common thread that I have observed in each story is that each person who was at their darkest moment made the brave choice to forgive and with that choice, it changed the trajectory of their story as well as provided healing in their hearts.

Friends, when we were little, we were taught that if you did something to someone, you would apologize for what you had done, and the other person would accept your apology.

However, one thing that we often aren’t taught is there are times when horrible things are done to us, and sometimes you don’t get the apology. At that point, you get to choose whether or not you will forgive the person or stay in the prison of the hurt.

Are you struggling with bitterness, resentment, or hatred towards someone? Maybe today is the day that you can make the brave choice to forgive and hand your pain over to the Lord and watch Him heal your broken heart like nothing or no one else can.

Keep living brave stories for Jesus.

Bethany Bravery