Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

with Patti Buss – Season 3, Episode 11

My guest today is Patti Buss. Patti is a wife to Steve, mother of Daniel and Michael and, Co-Leader of One Hope, working to unite churches, and transform our city. Previously a missionary into Russia/Ukraine, Youth Pastor and College Pastor. Her favorite activity is discipling young leaders in the Kingdom, prayer, and family. She loves gardening and all that Oregon offers by way of that, hiking, biking, anything outdoors, making pies, jam, and being together around food!

She grew up in South Dakota and is a farm girl at heart.

Patti was blindsided by her mom’s untimely, full of suffering, and ironic death to a very rare disease. Patti shares how she has made sense of loss while still believing that God is good. 

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