Hey beautiful!


I’m Bethany Bravery

I’m a mom of two amazing kids, the Promotions Director at Hope 1079, a podcaster, and a girl who believes in you and the story God is writing for you!  I am a lover of all things: Jesus, family, adventures, friendships, sunshine, and beautiful days on the lake!

Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

Here is where you can find our podcasts:

Season 5, Episode 6: Diana Janz

The Scars That Have Shaped Me



Season 5, Episode 5: Camille Ogden

No More Going Through The Motions



Season 5, Episode 4: Hope Darst

Surrendering Your Dreams



Season 5, Episode 3: Jennifer Hutsell

From Fear to Freedom



Season 5, Episode 2: Crystal Stine

Quieting the Shout of Should



Season 5, Episode 1: Alisha Illian

Chasing Perfect



Season 4, Episode 12: Harmony Klingenmeyer

The journey of an American foster family.



Season 4, Episode 11: Julie Scholl

My Unexpected Journey: Experiencing hope while living with pain.



Season 4, Episode 10: Jamie McIntyre

Regret to Redemption: Jamie McIntyre’s story of teen pregnancy.



Season 4, Episode 9: Julie Gillies


How prayer calms your anxious heart.