Parenting/Singleness – August 4, 2021

Season 7, Episode 3 – Embracing your Single Mom Life With Susee Fox

season 7, ep 3

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My guest today is Susee Fox. Susee Fox is a single mother of four daughters. Originally from Oregon, she found her home in Waco, Texas where she teaches Language Arts at a public school. She is passionate about reading and writing and aspires to use her voice as a writer to encourage and build up single moms. In 2018 Susee’s marriage of 9 years ended, and she went from being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four kids to a single mother with no job, no family within 2,000 miles, and was looking for a homeless shelter for her daughters and her to live in. God took her through that place, of extreme brokenness and unparalleled dependency on Him, into a season of abundance and provision and blessing.


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