Identity – Nov 4, 2019

Bonus Episode – How I Went From Messed Up to Blessed Up Without Changing a Single Thing With Guest Kerri Pomarolli

Season 1, ep 11

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My guest this week is Kerri Pomarolli is a writer, comedian, speaker, and the ultimate Proverbs 32 Woman. She tours nationwide with clean comedy at top Christian and secular venues. Pomarolli has been featured on The Tonight Show 29 times as well as made appearances on Comedy Central, ABC and more. Known as “Hollywood’s Favorite God Girl,” Pomarolli frequently shares about her faith while living in LA with her two daughters. 

Kerri Pomarolli fearlessly shares the messiness of her own life with wit and humor In her new book Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman. Kerri has delved into the struggles of the modern woman tired of failing to live up to Pinterest-inspired, air-brushed, Insta-filtered “real life” role models telling her she’s not quite good enough. And discovered that while our lives might be a mess, together, we can be hot messes for Jesus.   



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