Faith / Whole – May 26, 2021

Season 6, Episode 9 – How to Serve Right Where You Are At With Guest Danielle Dare

season 6, ep 9

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My guest today is Danielle Dare. Danielle grew up in a small community in Southern NJ, not far from where she lives now, with her husband Bruce and their three children Emily, Natalie, and Ryan. The Dares are prayerfully working towards serving full time with Source of Light Ministries International, and Danielle is a partner with Trades of Hope, a business designed to create sustainability for those in extreme poverty.

As Danielle grew up, she dreamed of serving in full-time ministry and even married an assistant pastor! Through a sudden turn of events, her dream to become a missionary was put on hold, and through that experience, Danielle had to learn to find joy in serving God right where He placed her even when it doesn’t look like what she thought.



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