Singleness – July 7, 2021

Season 7, Episode 1 – Prayer For Your Future Husband With Guest Cari Kates

season 7, ep 1

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Cari Kates is a media consultant, coach, and talent, specializing in Christian music radio. Cari transitioned from a journey in stage acting to radio and television at the recommendation of a high school teacher. One college class of “Announcing for Radio & TV” and Cari was hooked. Her career in radio has taken her from a small station in Amarillo, TX to being the first female in Programming Leadership at K-LOVE and Air1 national networks. Cari had stops in Birmingham, AL (Roll Tide!), Fresno-Bakersfield, CA, and Nashville, TN along the way. Now she lives in the NYC Metro with her husband and enjoys helping Christian music stations all over the country.

“Don’t settle for less than God’s best for you.” Those words from Voddie Baucham (during a conference for college students) would become Cari’s motivation to embrace singlehood…even if it meant for the long haul. Being a single woman after 30 is becoming more common, but single after 40 comes with an assumption that you also love cats and/or plants. (Which she unashamedly loves both. Over 40 and determined to not settle, but ready for a relationship, Carrie began to pray every day for her future husband. He was faceless, nameless…even formless at first…but over time, he began to take shape and God wrote a beautiful story of falling in love. This journey has inspired Cari to proclaim Voddie’s words to her single friends and say from experience, “It’s worth the wait!”


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season 7, ep 1