Marriage – April 28, 2021

Season 6, Episode 7 – Redemption After Divorce with Guest Angela Pinkston

Season 6, ep 7

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My guest today is Angela Pinkston. Angela is a wife, mom, and musician.

Angela, a musician from a young age, has a heart to teach, model, and see artists release their creativity in the earth, displaying the glory of God and revealing His love.

She has been singing, playing the piano, writing songs, and recording music for 15+ years. Angela is a worship leader at Jesus Pursuit Church and lives in Albany, Oregon, with her two children.

Angela is sought out as a worship leader and teacher. She travels nationally and internationally, leading worship and speaking in conferences, events, churches, camps, and training centers.

Her heart, passion, and “first love” relationship with Jesus are contagious, and her desire to run after Him in complete obedience shines through in every song and message. Her friendship with the Holy Spirit and longing for the manifest presence of God mark her life and ministry.

Angela and Michael were married for 15 years before separating and eventually signing divorce papers.  Through faith, forgiveness, prayer, and community, they reunited in marriage five years later. 


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