Whole / Identity – April 27, 2020

Season 3, Episode 7 – The Thief of Comparison With Guest Marra Watson

Season 3, ep 7

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My guest this week is Marra Watson. Marra grew up with the label of ADD. She has always had and continues to have a lot of energy. She enjoys packing as much as she can into the time that she has including an assortments of challenges. She keeps her husband and two homeschooled teen boys on their toes. Marra is always taking in people and animals. Her own family is amazing and lets her harbor those in need. Marra used to be passionately rootless and would pick up and move every two years, until she met Jesus and has been rooted in Eugene, Oregon ever since. She and her husband are personal trainers and own Crux Rock Gym.

Marra admits that there are many places God has redeemed her from alcoholism to homelessness, but all of it stemmed from comparison, from not knowing who God is  and who He says she is and what she was made for,


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