Music / Healed – Sept 12, 2019

Season 1, Episode 8 – When Depression Tries to Take You Out For Good, But God’s Love is BIGGER With Guest Julie Nowacki

season 1, ep 8

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 My guest today is Julie Nowacki. Julie is passionate about God’s Fierce Love and wants to penetrate the hearts of God’s people to bring freedom. She had the privilege of working for a Christian Recording & Management Label for 15+ years helping develop, mentor and encourage Christian singer/songwriters.

After going through a season of extreme fear, depression, and anxiety in 2014, she had a radical encounter with the love of God in 2015 that healed and changed her completely. Julie is a strong advocate for inner healing and bringing revelation and truth by teaching that our spiritual authority and identity is in Christ and not what we’re doing. She is passionate about equipping, empowering and releasing people to fulfill their destiny.

She started a Facebook group called Fierce Princess Warriors in 2015, founded Convergent Promotions in August of 2016 and most recently in April 2018, she partnered with a licensed child and family therapist to bring a faith-based creative arts and therapy center for youth called ElRod Center into her community. Julie lives in Junction City, OR with her husband Wayne of almost 15 years and her beautiful little girl Audrey Joy who is almost 10.