Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

with Sarah Means – Season 1, Episode 3

My guest today is Sarah Means. Sarah and her husband, Trevor, planted Praise Community Church in January of 2018. Sarah leads the online social media ministry, Women of Worth Ministries, where she shares consistent encouragement and inspiration to ladies around the world. She is a lover of Jesus, her husband, 17-year-old son Isaac, and great coffee!

Trevor and Sarah planted their church in their home town of Eugene, OR, with a focus to seek Jesus, make disciples, and love recklessly until their community knows God! Sarah is known for the hashtag #iamlivingablessedlife. She dreams of a future where she can spend all of her time speaking and writing. Sarah enjoys speaking at churches and conferences. Sarah was born with a birth defect that has affected not only her life but her pregnancy and her son. 

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