Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

with Seth and Megan Halligan – Season 4, Episode 7

My guests this week are Megan and Seth Halligan. When their sweet daughter Dottie was born they were delighted! She was their first child, healthy and full of life, wide-eyed and looking the world over. They sent pictures to their families and made it “Facebook Official.” Dottie was a New Year’s Eve baby, born December 31st at 8:24 pm. She weighed 8lbs 5oz and was a mere 10 days past her due date. All was well… until it wasn’t.

Friend, today we are discussing a heart-wrenching conversation with parents who love their babies fiercely. Today we attempt to immerse ourselves in the question of “How do you go on when the world you know crumbles?” Grab your tissues and join me on their journey

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