Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

with Soorin Backer – Season 1, Episode 9

My guest this week is Soorin Backer. She is known for dynamic teachings that genuinely sets people free to be who God created them to be. Soorin attended Fuller Theological Seminary and completed two graduate degrees in theology and clinical psychology.  Soorin Backer has been broadcast throughout the USA on radio, hosted a TV show focused on teaching the Bible and has an established conference ministry called Pearls of Hope that is held twice a year. 

Just before Soorin turned 40, her brokenness and God’s love hit a major collision. And He began to heal her of religion, performance, and profound emotional damage.

During the last ten plus years, God has wooed her into true love. He continues to heal her of her past, has set her free from shame and regret, and He continuously invites her to the future and hope He has for her! This girl has some wisdom on kicking the performance trap to the curb! So buckle up and lean in ladies! It’s going to be another great one!

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