Hello lovely one,
Over spring break, I  got to experience Disneyland for the first time with my kids. We went on ride after ride and enjoyed every minute of it! I will say though what I loved most was riding a ride for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect, I couldn’t wait to hear the storyline of the adventure I was about to step into, and I had this expectation that the ride was going to be filled with twists, turns, surprises and a whole lot of fun!

It occurred to me that my story has been a bit of an adventure, but often, instead of seeing my story with great expectation, I can approach it with the trepidation of what is to come.

Friend, how would our lives look different if we chose to release our white-knuckle grip of control and instead embraced God’s leading in our story? Would we have anticipation and expectation of a God who writes the most beautiful, most adventurous stories of all?—Buckle up sister and get ready for the best ride of all!

Keep living brave stories for Jesus,

Bethany Bravery