Hey lovely one,

I am AWFUL at wrapping presents! It doesn’t matter how many pins I pin on Pinterest for inspiration or how tight I pull the wrapping paper it still ends up looking like a two-year-old wrapped the gift! The paper isn’t tucked neatly into beautiful edges, nor does the ribbon have the perfect curl.

I am ashamed to admit this and I know it sounds downright ridiculous, but I am totally embarrassed to present the gift to the receiver, not because I don’t think she won’t love what’s inside (she absolutely will), but because it doesn’t present in a  “perfect and all put together” way.

Oh friend like my gift, I think sometimes we don’t think God can use our story until it is wrapped up Pinterest perfect with a bow on top, but I am here to tell you, He can and He will! So, today are you willing to say yes to whatever adventurous chapter He has next for you… messy story and all??

Keep living brave stories for Jesus,

Bethany Bravery

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